What We Do


We professionally prepare your small claims documents, file them with the appropriate court, serve the defendant(s), and file the proof of service with the court.

How Much Does it Cost?

$150.  This includes typing and filing the small claims papers with the Small Claims Court, court filing fees, service on one defendant, and filing the proof of service with the court.


For each additional defendant, add $60.


We will conduct a search to verify a current residence address and make at least three service attempts at that address for each defendant.


For service on defendant(s) in areas outside of the Prescott area, add $1/mile for all round-trip miles.


For service on defendant(s) out of state, add $135.


For rush small claims filing (immediate document preparation and filing with the court before the statute of limitations expires), add $50.



Good News!


If you win your small claims case, the money you spend for our small claims services will most likely be added to the amount of the judgment against the defendant(s).  You may be reimbursed up to 100% of the fees charged by our service when you collect your judgment.  In most states, you will also recover court filing fees.