WHY? By Karen Moore

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Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why did I get involved in that relationship? Why did I marry him? Why didn’t I do this or that or the other? Why did I make so many mistakes in my life? Why didn’t I keep working at a job for 40 years so I would have a nice retirement? Why did I get cancer?

But now, looking back, I can finally see that all of those “mistakes” made me who I am and helped shape me to become the person and the private investigator I am today.

Because of the alcoholic husband who tried to strangle me, I can empathize with the woman who comes to us because she’s in a child custody battle with an abusive husband and needs help.

Because of the ex-husband who cheated on me and then stalked me relentlessly for months, I have empathy for the woman who comes to us because someone is stalking her. I understand the stress and fear she is living with every day.

Because I took risks, I’ve experienced so much and have many friends I would have never met! I spent 13 years traveling this beautiful country of ours as a truck driver. I saw the smoking embers at ground zero. I looked into homes filled with sand from Katrina and saw the attic ladders pulled down where people had to escape through the attic. I experienced the concern of good people in a small town who tried to keep us safe from a tornado in Colorado. I saw the most beautiful perfect snowflakes land on my trailer in Denver; the amazing sunrises and sunsets; the clear skies of Montana with millions of stars. I appreciate the thousands of hard-working waitresses who gave us a smile when we needed one. I could go on and on. We didn’t get rich with money, but the experiences were priceless!

As for the “why did I get cancer” question, I’m still trying to figure that one out. But one thing I’ve come up with is that someone else needed me to go through it so I could help them go through it. (Or, I was in need of a new hairstyle – bald wasn’t what I would have chosen, but it all grew back!) And while I was going through my treatment, I spent some very special time with my mother. So many times we get too busy to just stop and enjoy our loved ones. Sometimes getting sick forces us to stop everything and realize what’s really important. I would go through it all over again to create that special bond with my mother.

So I don’t ask myself why anymore. Everything that we’ve done and everything that we experience is what makes us who we are today. They’re not mistakes; they’re experiences. And every investigation that comes to us seems to draw upon some of those experiences from our past that helps to guide us through each investigation.

I love what my experiences have made of me and I’m looking forward to the new ones!

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