Published Tuesday, February 4, 2014 The Portland Sun

Tales of failed attempts to defraud an insurance company can be awfully amusing but horribly expensive — like the guy who was collecting benefits for an injury he claimed prevented him from working. The gentleman, however, won a moose-hunting lottery permit and his name was published in the newspaper.

The insurance company's fraud unit, having scanned the list, called to congratulate the hunter on his good fortune and offered "guide" services to determine where the "injured" worker would be hunting. The story gets even better from here...

Though the hunter declined the guide services, the fraud unit found the claimant after he had proudly bagged his moose. The investigators walked onto the scene laden down with cameras in awe of the mighty moose and the skill of the happy hunter.

"Say fella, that's a great trophy. You shoot that bull yourself?"

"Yup! Look at the rack on this baby."

"Gee, if we don't get some video of this, the folks back home won't believe it. Would you mind hoisting up the head so we can show 'em?"

"Not a problem," said the "injured" hunter as he easily hoisted the head nice and high to pose with his moose.

"Click" — the investigators bagged their fraud perpetrator!

(Written by Tony Payne -- Thank you, Tony!)


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