Marital Surveillance

If you have a gut feeling that your spouse is cheating, you may be right.  And you may feel the need to do some investigating of your own, which can be risky.  Your chances of getting caught and jeopardizing your marriage are very high.  We understand that the decision to hire a private investigator to check up on your spouse is a very difficult decision.  We also understand the emotions involved and we have compassion for your situation.  Sometimes a spouse just wants clarity in order to make a decision about divorce or marriage counseling.  Not every marriage has to end because of a cheating spouse. 


Marital surveillance can be tricky.  We never want the suspected spouse to know they are being surveilled or that you have hired a PI.  We are a husband and wife team which makes surveillance less suspect.  We can follow them into restaurants/bars and we are less obvious than a solo male PI.  Everything you tell us is completely confidential.  Once you have hired us, in order to protect your privacy, we will not contact you in any way; we will depend on you to contact us and we invite you to call us anytime to get an update on our findings.