On Wednesday, we met with a client who had court-ordered legal and physical custody of his kids.  His ex-wife left the State with their two-year-old child and had been hiding out for a month.  Her attorney told our client's attorney "You'll never find her."  Our mission:  Find the kids by Monday.  After two very long days of online investigations, surveillance and some high-tech methods we're not at liberty to talk about, we found them!

Not wanting another Elian Gonzalez case, we got backup and peace-keeping assistance from several Bakersfield Police Department officers who were very professional.  We had the police officers meet us a few blocks away from where she was hiding with the child.  The police consulted with their higher-ups and received the go-ahead to proceed.  They requested we call the child's' father so he could be there to take custody of the child.  When he showed up, he was literally shaking because he was so nervous.  The police, with us in the lead, went to the residence.  The police blocked off the house and the street.

With the police covering our backs, we went to the residence, knocked on the door, the ex-wife answered, and as soon as we served the documents, the police went in.  They found the two-year-old child in the house and the police officers convinced the ex-wife to hand the child over to the father.  It all happened very peacefully!

One might imagine what a commotion this caused in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood.

When she placed that two-year-old child into her father's arms, seeing the tears running down his face was priceless!