Tom and Karen Moore
Licensed Private Investigators
Arizona PI License No. 1736429
California PI License No. 28602

PO Box 10064

Prescott, AZ  86304




We are here to serve the Prescott, Arizona area!
We recently opened our main office here in Prescott, Arizona!  Call us at 928-237-4404.
We also service the Phoenix and Flagstaff areas, and we have a branch office in Bakersfield, California.  





928-237-4404 Office

661-432-7606 Cell




Arizona PI License No. 1736429

California PI License No. 28602

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  • Husband/Wife Surveillance Team

  • Specializing in Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations

  • Specializing in Marital Surveillance and Child Support/Custody Cases

  • Civil-Legal Investigations

  • Attorneys' Services

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • Registered Process Servers

  • Personal Background Checks, including a "Date Safe" background check

  • Search and Locate Missing Persons (we can find that long-lost relative or classmate you would like to reunite with!)

  • Small Claims Processing (typing the forms, filing with the court, serving the defendant(s), and filing the proof of service with the court)

  • Word Processing

  • Court Searches and Filings



"Being my second attempt at using a due process server. The first attempt, the process server could not get the job done and they lost some of my documents including a check from the defendant. I contacted Karen and Tom to get the job done and they did it. It was quick and painless. I really don't give good reviews ever. They are very friendly and professional. They also have the means to get the job done no pun intended. Thank You".  Adam H.



"We love this company. They helped us screen a potential employee & we decided that the second person they screened for us was a good choice. WE REALLY recommend them to do screening and checking on potential employees. Thanks." Bob Jungman

(559) 269-336



  • Did an employee file a workers' comp claim that you think may be fraudulant?  (See "40 Red Flags" under Workers' Compensation Fraud.)  


  • Are you hiring an employee you want checked out? 


  • Did you meet someone online who you would like to date? 


  • Are you wealthy and your daughter is about to marry someone you know nothing about? 


  • Are you about to rent property to a stranger? 


Diligent background checks may:


  • Save you from hiring someone who has a track record of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims. 


  • Save yourself some heartache, time and money by checking out your next date before you get involved.


  • Protect your daughter from marrying someone who is marrying her for money.  We can check out his background -- criminal records, bankruptcies, prior marriages -- without him knowing you have suspicions.


  • Protect you from renting to a tenant who has a history of skipping out on rent or destroying property.


We can perform a basic background search and help you:


  • Avoid increased workers' compensation insurance claims and costs.

  • Avoid having to get a restraining order against a jilted lover.

  • Avoid losing money to a money-hungry scumbag who is using your daughter.

  • Avoid getting stuck with a deadbeat tenant. 


Due diligence!  It's better to "pay a little now than a lot later!"

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