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Licensed Private Investigators
California PI License No. 28602

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California PI License No. 28602

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  • Husband/Wife Surveillance Team

  • Specializing in Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations

  • Specializing in Marital Surveillance and Child Support/Custody Cases

  • Civil-Legal Investigations

  • Attorneys' Services

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • Registered Process Servers

  • Personal Background Checks, including a "Date Safe" background check

  • Search and Locate Missing Persons (we can find that long-lost relative or classmate you would like to reunite with!)

  • Small Claims Processing (typing the forms, filing with the court, serving the defendant(s), and filing the proof of service with the court)

  • Word Processing

  • Court Searches and Filings



  • Did an employee file a workers' comp claim that you think may be fraudulant?  (See "40 Red Flags" under Workers' Compensation Fraud.)  


  • Are you hiring an employee you want checked out? 


  • Did you meet someone online who you would like to date? 


  • Are you wealthy and your daughter is about to marry someone you know nothing about? 


  • Are you about to rent property to a stranger? 


Diligent background checks may:


  • Save you from hiring someone who has a track record of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims. 


  • Save yourself some heartache, time and money by checking out your next date before you get involved.


  • Protect your daughter from marrying someone who is marrying her for money.  We can check out his background -- criminal records, bankruptcies, prior marriages -- without him knowing you have suspicions.


  • Protect you from renting to a tenant who has a history of skipping out on rent or destroying property.


We can perform a basic background search and help you:


  • Avoid increased workers' compensation insurance claims and costs.

  • Avoid having to get a restraining order against a jilted lover.

  • Avoid losing money to a money-hungry scumbag who is using your daughter.

  • Avoid getting stuck with a deadbeat tenant. 


Due diligence!  It's better to "pay a little now than a lot later!"

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